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Should one conquer Switzerland?

Edwin P.

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Swizterland is a secret "training" ground for German units. Once Russia and US are in the war, there is no penalty (in a normal game) for the Axis invading the Swiss. While you don't get any extra production MPPs, you do get plunder.

So take two or three units, and pound on the Swiss. Eventually they will die and you will gain a bar or so of experience... and some plunder. But do so only when the readiness hit means nothing.

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Hmm... I nearly never attacked Switzerland (perhaps 2-3 times in all my games..).

My main reason is probably a historical/emotional one ;) .

But there are also rational reasons why you should not attack Switzerland:

- USA/Russia really dont like it if you do it before they are in the war, its simply not worth the readiness increase (you only get some plunder, but nothing else).

- When all nations are at war, then Axis usually need their units somewhere else and have no time/opportunity to conquer Switzerland - nevertheless they can if they want to...

- But as soon as the western Allies invade France and threaten Germany/Italy, then it will be a boomerang: If Switzerland is Axis, it is a good point for Allies to attack there and to cut of Italy from Germany. When Switzerland is neutral, Axis have a better defence line.

But as I said earlier: the main reason why not to attack Switzerland is emotional tongue.gif

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As originally posted by Terif:

But as I said earlier: the main reason why not to attack Switzerland is emotional

Yeah, now that I think on it, this seems to be my reasoning as well, since I rarely take on that charming little Alpine Community either... which is not actually the BEST way to play a game, but... I can't seem to get over it.

Somehow, it just doesn't seem RIGHT to attack Switzerland.

This is similar to my great hesitation in attacking Sweden, which as we all suspect, has more beautiful women than anywhere else on earth. Why unnecessarily antagonize all those potential movie-stars? You may not finally get that prized autograph to complete your Celeb collection, true?

True also that the mountain defense barrier eventually works to the Axis advantage, so why not let the Swiss guards defend if it should come to it?

**Interesting to me that one of the very best, if not THE best SC player would have this little QUIRK in his game (... though, he HAS warned that he... MIGHT do it, so you can't take that competitive edge to the bank)... emotional play, eh?

Well, I guess it goes to show... he and most of the rest of us aren't actually SC Mimeo Machines after all. ;)

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