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AAR Ladder game (Championship). Terif (rank 1) vs zappsweden (rank 5).


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July 1940:

Italian fleet under french attack. Sub is sinking. Heavy fight for Paris. It will probably fall next turn.

War Readiness has been increased by the prolonged fight for Poland by 13 %. So in total it is now: USA 14; Russia 52

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August, 1940:

France has fallen. UK still holds 2 French ports. Large quantities of Axis Air units suddenly appears in Sicily.

Some French troops were saved in England and just small casualties for UK in France.

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I would like to add a rule.

None of the Challengers may play the champion more than 1 time a week or not until all of the other challengers have had a chance to play the Champ. I don't want to constantly see Terif/Zap matches and not get a game in.

I would also like the reverse to be true All Challengers must play not rated's at least once a week or lose challenger status. Thereby stopping challengers from "Dodging" games so as too keep thier status. The one exception to this i would stipulate is if the Challenger has not had a shot at the title yet. ;)

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Hueristic. I could also include "fair game ratings" and "average MPP handicap" and wins/losses statistics when being axis and when being allies.

The problem is i would have to spend too much time updating the ladder so I do not feel like make that sacrifice. if any player is cheating or dodging others just because they want to be champion for a while then ppl will complain so his reputation will suffer. I am sure that everybody will have their shot at the title when they have advanced to challenger status.

[ January 15, 2003, 10:32 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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October 13, 1940:

Axis DOW to Vichy, but the first attack in Algier failed.

November 10, 1940:

Vichy surrenders one UK corp caught near Algier, DOW to Sweden.

February 2, 1941:

Sweden surrenders.

March 1941:

Hungary and Romania join Axis

[ January 15, 2003, 02:39 PM: Message edited by: Terif ]

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August 3, 1941:

Axis DOW to Greece, Capital captured but no surrender. Portugal corp made suicide. French Hq in Egypt destroyed, remaining forces are fleeing. Russian units remove from the frontline after heavy losses. Allies make heavy naval attacks near Gibraltar.

August 17:

Portugal surrenders, Beirut captured. US navy near Portugal bombed by german airfleets. Two Russian cities conquered.

August 31:

Russian DOW to Iraq. First tank sighted. Last french army in Iraq destroyed. Allied navy retreat from Spain. Greece surrendered.

September 21:

Iraq is under Axis control. Gibraltar under Heavy attack and will fall in 1 or 2 turns. Full scale US invasion at Brest. The fourth russian city and one mine occupied.

November 16:

German armies approaching Leningrad, port is under attack. Finnland declares war to Russia. Heavy fihts in France. The german Spain elite force and 3 airfleets come to help...

February 1942:

Heavy air and ground battles in France. Allied landing in Portugal. Italian navy beats back...

Leningrad conquered. Riga still russian and isolated. Russian counterattack south of Moscow

March 1942:

Allied invasions failed. France and Portugal will be cleared by next turn.

May 1942:

No Allied units left in France or Portugal, Naval battle near Lissbon. Riga has fallen. Very big tank battle between Moscow and Kharkov.

June 1942:

Heavy naval losses near Gibraltar, italian battleship and cruiser sunk. The Moscow-Kharkov battle goes on. Axis reinforcements from France arrive.

June 28, 1942:

The french reinforcements turned the tide. Axis approaching Moscow and Kharkov. Siberians transfered.

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