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Congratulations Comrade Trapp-!


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Thanks guys, much appreciated. ;)

Originally posted by Les the Sarge 9-1:

I can here his dad muttering, ok when is he getting a job, and when can I use his room smile.gif

Oh the joy of soon to be 18 and on your own.

Stop pushing dad smile.gif

Its already started, I get to start paying room and board next week, oh joy....... :rolleyes::D

Thanks for the thread Jersey.

Comrade Trapp

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Originally posted by jon_j_rambo:

Agree with Kuniworth, high school was fun, now pay your rent, get off the internet, & start working 80 hours week.

Locking this until that rent check clears.

80 hour work week??? Working in general???

bah, work cuts into my freetime, I'll just sit at home and play SC all day..... ;)

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Not too much Computers Young Man! Get yourself a Life ;) us diehard SC players are like Drinkers, then again if you have to pick between a bad excess in life, pick SC smile.gif

Congrats. You're at the Threshold

Of all that's possible in a Man's life!

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