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For an Interesting Game vs the AI

Edwin P.

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I take it the AI is not so good, once you learn how to play?

I do not and will not play MP, so is this game still worth buying?

I looked at SC2, but have not liked what I've seen...seems more much like a specialised Civ III scenario than a wargame of the old style, which is the appeal of SC.

So, how about sc?

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Its a good game worth buying, as I am still playing it. You can easily finish a game in one sitting. Download the demo and try it.

As for the AI its strongest on the Eastern Front and Western Fronts (where the key battles of the war occured) but really weak in the Southern (Meditterrean) and Nordic fronts. As the designer has said, he choose to concentrate on having the AI do a few things very well.

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I'm not a part of the PBEM-league and don't play MP alot either

I do it, but not a lot.

I bought this game almost immediately after it became available and I am still playing it.

there's really a lot of things you can do with the editor and the SC2 editor will have even more options.

of course there are up's and down's, there were times I didn't play SC for a long time just to get addicted again later. :D

Really, this game is worth buying!!!

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