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Originally posted by KiloIndiaAlpha:

What features would people like to have in a 'Mod Manager' package?

- the ability to display a thumbnail of a jpg showing what the vehicle or terrain feature looks like (ie a screenshot)- so if a guy has 3 Tiger skins, he doesn't have to remember them by file name alone (the user would be responsible for making his own screenshots, though the better websites also include one of these for each set of bmps).

- a scrollable list of all the items a guy has downloaded mods for, broken down by type and nationality



Grass (lo-res velvet)

Grass (he-res velvet)

Grass (mud)

Buildings (DD set 1)

Buildings (DD set 2)


King Tiger (SS LAH)

King Tiger (Kitty's)

etc. -

and an interface that will let you scroll through the list, bring up a thumbnail of the screen shot, then click - and have that mod swapped into the bmp folder.

Also useful as part of this list would be a reminder of compatibility issues - ie if you change the sleeves of British infantry, the tank crew sleeves change too.

Make it customizable, in that you can rename the way the manager refers to your saved mod files - say if Kitty came up with a second King Tiger mod, you could amend your listing to read "King Tiger (Kitty's - KG Peiper)" if you wanted to.

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The current Mod Manager program is very useful. It would be helpful to be able to sort the mods into groups and then be able to select these groups to load. This would allow different mod mixes for specific scenarios without having to manually designate the zip files each time. I know you can do this now, by building separate combined-zip files, but it would be useful as a built-in feature.

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