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Tanks changing sides?

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Just was playing 'Tin Tanks' TCP/IP with a friend. He says he'd modified it a bit regarding the reinforcements. Anyway, about turn 13, after we'd both gotten some tank reinforcments, we were each moving those tanks up to the battle going on. Suddenly my 4 jagpanthers became 3 jags and a firefly! My friend says one of his Shermans became a PanzerIV!! Anybody seen or heard of this one? I don't recall reading about this, but don't see all the posts. It made for a mad minute - but ruined the game of course. Known bug/behaviour?

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See if you can use your new captured Firefly. Unfortunately, your Fly will be an eggshell with a hammer. :eek: :eek:

Further, your opponent is screwed because he has a PzIV instead of a Sherman. Of course, both are eggshells. (Needless to say, I don't like PzIVs :(:( )

Cheers, Richard ;)tongue.gif

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This is indeed a well known bug, sometimes known as the "Ding of Death"... look in the "TCP/IP crashes" thread on the tech-support forum and youll see that it happens quite frequently that TCP/IP games lock up and on occasion weird things like the substitution of units occur before the game crashes and burns.

The only workaround seem to be saving every turn manually (the autosave gets corrupt, see below)and then reloading the game when you've re-booted both computers.

This is what the mad bald one had to say when he last adressed the issue (july 2001):

"Guys, here is what we know after reviewing this issue for some time:

I have NEVER been able to replicate the crash, neither have any of my testers I asked to check into it.

Some people who have been playing TCP/IP games for many months have never experienced such a crash.

I am certain that there is *something* going on though, thats why I have continued to research this issue.

It is NOT hardware specific.

It is NOT OS specific.

It *appears* to sometimes be triggered by the appearance of duplicated crews or after prisoners are captured. Other times there is no such triggering event.

The reason for the crash itself is that it appears something is corrupting the transmitted data between systems. What happens is that when one system tries to process the corrupt file it locks up the game and it drops to the desktop (or dings). This also explains why you can not reload some autosaves from crashed games as they are themselves corrupt.

The root cause for the corruption is where we are having difficulty discovering. It could be when the host compiles the turn or it could be getting corrupted at some point doing the transmission between systems.

I have said repeatedly that Charles will look into this issue but he has not had time to do so in depth yet. When we have more to report we WILL REPORT IT.

That's all I have for you at this time."

Hope this is some help, personally I'm just hoping that a solution appear before CM:BB ships.


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