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Scenario Editor Request for CM2-BTS

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</FONT><HR><big>How to Increase Map to the South and West in CMBO Scenario Editor</big>

On the width and height buttons, hold SHIFT and click the height and width buttons to increase/decrease map to the south and west.

stuff that would be nice:

o be able to adjust terrain height, while previewing it

o edit unit status, name, ammo, etc in preview mode

o allow units to be set as destroyed or immobilized before a battle(i get the same effect by putting a vehicle down first, then setting a rubble tile over it...)

o allow squads to have wounded men before a battle

o allow user to set damage to buildings

o have a grid reference you could turn on/off so you can find the dang spot again after previewing...

new ideas:

o drag select units in preview mode and edit them

other suggestions from below/other posts that i like:

o join two maps

o copy, paste, cut map portions

o copy, paste units

o when shifting the map to the south and west, keep units on the same terrain, not same tiles(i mean when i increase to the west, the map is pushed 5 tiles over, but my units remain where they are)

o save map separate from scenario

o save a quick battle as a map

o have a nice thick red line around the map border so you can tell if you have any more map to edit beyond that square you can see

and always remember: the current editor is what the bts crew used to make all the scenarios on the disk!

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I'd like to see buildings (incl. large ones) with pavement borders, in addition to the grass borders CM has now, so that designers would be able to more accurately reproduce the effect of narrow city streets. I'd also like to see more than just right angles for the grey pavement tiles; there's a variety of angles for dirt & asphalt road tiles, why not for these?

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My wish list is about defining reinforcements, comments? Getting any one of these to CM2 would be nice, getting all of them would be really nice smile.gif

1. Placement list:

It would be nice if the placement of a reinforcement wasn't just one place, but for each reinforcement, one could define a list of alternative places (their positions would be defined with flags just like now) from which the computer would randomly select one during a game. In scenario editor, when adding a reinforcement, by default there would be just one place on this list, so it would work like now. But, a scenario designer could then add places if needed. This would give scenarios lots more re-playability against AI, because the human player could never know for sure where the enemy will pop up. I assume that this would be a simple tweak to implement, yet it would have a big impact. The maximum number of these "appearance places" should be more than 5, at least 10.

2. The max number of reinforcements could be more than 5.

Then a couple of ideas that would add new possibilities to reinforcement arrival timing. For example, it would be easier to simulate parts of a convoy arriving from a road in predefined order, separated by a certain amount of turns. Or, one could make two groups of reinforcements appear to the map at the same time, but in different places (say infantry from north and tanks from east). These would also make scenario editor user interface a bit more complicated, but I think it would be well worth it.


First Possible Arrival could also be the "realized" turn of some other reinforcement.

Then one could define these arrival timings:

t1 = 15 + chance1 (current way using turn number)

t2 = t1 + chance2 (new way: t2 depends on t1)

The UI would have to check that there are no circular dependencies. Say t1 depends on t2 and t2 from t1.


It would be nice if the the random factor used in calculating the arrival turn, could also be defined as a range of turns, like from 0 to 5 turns.

These two minor tweaks would allow defining reinforcement arrivals such as:

t1 = 15 + chance1 (the 1. part of convoy arrives...)

t2 = t1 + chance2 (then the 2. part...)

t3 = t2 + range(2->7) (... and the 3. part, at least 2 turns later)

t4 = 20 + range(0->3) (Reinforcements from north)

t5 = t4 + chance_100% (At the same time another group appears from east)

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