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MOD: Small Arms - Ver. 1.1 for CM Mod. Mgr.

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I've updated my Small Arms Mod for use with the CM Mod Manager.

Besides being updated for use with the CM Mod. Mgr., the following improvements have been made since the old version:

The sniper scope is included. I accidently left it out of the old release.

The water lines for the water-cooled Vickers and M1917 machine guns have ben added.

M1928 .45 Thompson submachine "Tommy Gun" has been added (in "US Early" Extra)

M1903 Springfield Rifle has been added (also in "US Early" Extra)

I've tweaked the base of MG34 and MG42 where they meet the tripod mount. There used to be a gap.

The MP44 assault rifle is now included in the "Bayonet" Extra (it's also is the default for "Jager" Extra).

The M1919 medium machine gun is no-longer a blue/green hue. It's been changed to look more like a dark gunmetal.

The Lee Enfield bitmap has been improved. It was not historically correct. Many of you commented on that.

I'll try to find a host for this as well. I use to post with Mojo's Combat Mission but it appears he's inactive these days.

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