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A sad day in history...

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I don't think I want to run into these bicyclists...

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>The current seven-gear model has attachments for machine guns, bazookas, grenade launchers and basic army kits, and can carry up to 330 pounds, including the rider. The bike weighs 48 pounds. It can travel 37 mph downhill, as demonstrated by the recruits who whiz through the central Swiss countryside, oblivious to slippery roads.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by 109 Gustav:

You've gotta admire an army that issues a knife with a corkscrew to its troops.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Tsktsktsk, time to correct some information concerning this Überweapon :D

As some former US president said: read-my-lips: NO CORKSCREW on the army knife issued as part of the swiss military equipement! The knife looks all metal (and not red) with a little swiss flag on one side. It has only 4 moving parts: one regular blade, one funny blade to open cans, one screwdriver blade (doubling as wire cutter and lid opener) and one pointy thing to perforate (mostly your finger). That's all. Oh, forgot: it also has a hole on one side where you can put a string. This was then used in the old days of rifle grenades as a plumb line (sp?) when firing indirect. Another thing about the Überweapon: some blade combinations where specially designed to help dismantling the former swiss army assault rifle (Stgw57).

And just to kill a persistant rumor (mostly created for marketing purpose I suspect): there is *no* special officer knife.

Hope you all feel better now that you have had access to this classified information :D


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