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Hello All!

I've just played this excellent scenario from the Kursk pack available at http://bootsandtracks.com/ScenarioDetail.php?ScenarioID=82

I played it as Soviet against AI, and I was able to gain a Total Victory... redface.gif well, I knew the story, and I've read the book! I switched my T34s in a wide cross country trip in the night, and I was able to catch the Fascist pigs unaware, kicking their ass...

But now I'm planning to become a German Commander and try my luck: what this scenario's missing, from what I read, is a captured T34 at the head of the column, and what the CM games lack in this instance, is the possibility to deal with UNKNOWN units as YOUR OWN. What I mean, is that ANY unknown unit, heard or seen, is automatically the ENEMY... Yes, I presume it would be impossible with the game mechanics to deal with units as unknown until contact is made, no matter which side are these on; this would also means the possibility of so called friendly fire, which at the moment can happen only 'thanks' to the 'fly boys'... The point is that in history thisa battle was won by the Germans because they were able to get real close to the Birdge before being identified as foes by the Soviets...

Any advice, comment, or whatever is welcomed...



PS: I know, this may very well spin-off in a new thread as well. In case someone would like to expand, I will surely follow.

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Last night I finished playing as German this excellent scenario... I got a Major victory (75%-25%): my big mistake was just in the last turn, when I raced my full platoon of MkIV to the second bridge; they were all blown sky high by those damned 3 T 34-43 lurking in the dark, otherwise I think I was able to get a total victory: up to that moment I've lost only one abandoned HT and blown 6 T 34... Anyway I think the AI played well as Soviet, better still than the Germans: in my previous play the Nazis were just going in one direction, toward the blown bridge, but this may be because I cought them in their starting area, eliminating many vehicles and tanks there, without a single loss of my T34...


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