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Again with the Panthers.

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Although this is a bit redundant, I thought I might post it again with a link for download.

Pascal DiFolco has been kind enough to offer up some server space for free. Without further ado... the link:

CMMOS Panther pack.


Here's a list of what's included:

By Fernando:

PanzerLehr tri-color Panther A (3 options)

PanzerLehr tri-color Panther G (3 opt.)

PanzerLehr tri-color Panther G-late (3 opt.)

Mono-colored Panther A (41 opt.)

Mono-colored Panther G (41 opt.)

Mono-colored Panther G-late (41 opt.)

Tri-color camo Panther G (43 opt.)

Tri-color camo Panther G-late (43 opt.)

Ambush camo Panther G (43 opt.)

Ambush camo Panther G-late (43 opt.)

By Tiger:

Battered Panther G

Grey Panther G (2 opt.)

Mottled camo Panther G

Weathered Panther G-late

By Malfunkt:

Mottled camo Panther G

Mottled camo Panther G-late

By Makjager:

Zimmerit Panther G

By Audace & Pawbroon:

Anzio scheme Panther A

By Gordon & Fernando:

Whitewashed Panther A (27 opt.)

Whitewashed Panther G (26 opt.)

Whitewashed Panther G-late (26 opt.)

By Maximus:

Winterized Panther A

Winterized Panther A hasty

Winterized Panther G

Winterized Panther G-late

And of course, the RuleSet.

The download is appx. 33 meg.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Shadow 1st Hussars:

CMMO's for mac in the works? :(<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

If there's a MAC programmer out there who's willing to work on it, I'm happy to share the source (Borland C++ Builder) and answer any questions about it. Haven't had any takers yet.


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