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PBEM Task Method

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I am curious as to how other people do this.

1. I have a shortcut link to the PBEM folder on the desktop.

E-mail comes in, I save to desktop and then drag and drop the file to the folder link. Winzip will pop up if it is not a txt file.

To send, I use winzip 8. I left click and select the context menu item Zip and email PBEMFILENAME.zip.

I send a notice to the opposition over ICQ.

The coolest new thing I do is send an ICQ SMS cellular text message to my friend Ciril in Split. This saves him the cost of checking his email to find his moves becasue they are charged by the minute for access, and his building has a party phone line.

It is neat to send a text message to a cell phone thousands of miles away for no cost.

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