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Indisputable evidence of Bren Tripod prevalence...

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Michael Dorosh:

And why the hell doesn't it have the drum mag and AA sights???? :D<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Michael, you tit! It doesn't have those things because its a platoon one, and - as is clear from the background detail - he's just run from Bardia to Tobruk, with the rest of his platoon (although judging from the state of his clothes he might have tripped over the tea mug dangling from his web gear). Platoon SHMGs* (Super Heavy Machine Guns) were never issued the drum mag and AA sights.

Sheesh. Call yourself a grog huh? :rolleyes:



* Ask Hof why the Bren-with-tripod qualifies for this status. He's the only one who seems to believe that little nugget, but then he's the expert on CW kit. ;)

** FSTK - ever since this came up oh so many threads ago I've been thinking of that poster. :cool:

[ 10-18-2001: Message edited by: JonS, not because he needed to. Rather its because The Anglophile needs his daily dose of frustration. Otherwise he gets all groggy on us too. ]

[ 10-18-2001: Message edited by: JonS ]

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I think the Bren's ROF needs to be adjusted downwards...it must be hard to change the magazine whilst holding that big flag. Although having the gun on the tripod would make things easier.

Also, these guys should be easier to spot with that flag. Although I suppose that might depend on the direction the wind is blowing. :cool:

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