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Battle Types - Quick Battle

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Think of the first three as increasing in difficulty for the attacker. A probe will require the least advance and will have the fewest points avaiable to the attacker. An attack will will require a further advance than a probe and the attacker will have more points available to the attacker. Finally, an assault will require the furthest advance and provide the most points.

When referring to "advance" above, that is a matter of flag location. For a probe, the flags will not be very deep in enemy territory. On the other hand, for an assault, the flags will be near the enemy's map edge. For an attack, they will be somewhere in between.

As far as points go, a ratio is used to determine the amount of points the attacker gets. The defender will always get the number of points set in the parameters and the attacker will get an increasing number depending on the difficulty of the type of battle. I forget the exact ratios used.

For a meeting engagement, all things are equal. In other words, both sides get the same number of points and the flags are located in the middle of the map.

I hope this helps.

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