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Giddy estate packers and 'poolers alike...

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For you fellas waiting for the estate pack, here's a look at the maps...


The reference in the title to 'poolers? I thought some of you may be interested in Peng Downs. It's an "every inch counts" map, with all the places of interest and sites worth points at game's end. With one exception, only the 'Biergarten!' locations are worth major flags (the exception being the Douglas Adams Memorial Fountain). Other points of interest include The Holy Temple of Godliness (w/ a Biergarten and seedy brothel right out back!), "The GAP", The place next to "The GAP", the track (and stables, and butcher shop... and glue factory), The Homo-erotic Grecian Bath house, "The pool", and more...

I'll send it out in a few days to those who responded in the other thread. Anyone else who wants it, let me know.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Herr Oberst:

I wonder if the AI could be tweaked into some armor races at Peng Downs???

50 Marks says my sherman beats your MkIV...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Make sure its an Easy Eight with that bigger engine.

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Just got version 1.0 of the Estates SSM wrapped up and sent away to a couple of sites. Soul condemning decadence is nigh.

It weighs in at 3.2 meg and contains:

a readme.

Ausperg House.cmb

Haus Ettersberg.cmb

Le Manse Medonie.cmb

Peng Downs.cmb


The scenarios boil down to "every inch counts" play, every structure or landmark counting toward victory.

The zip file is the TwoShed'sModManager compatible Estates! mod. If you're not into 2Shed's, a manual unzip will do nicely.

The mod contains the following bmp substitutions:

321-329 : Large Building tiles

506,507 & 510,511 : tree tiles (flowering bushes)

645,646 : water tiles (pool and fountain)

675 : pavement tile (tennis court)

679-684 : brush tiles (flower beds)

1201,1202 : roof tiles (spanish tile)

1208 : wall tile (bright rock wall)

1217 : hedge/bocage tile (hedge with flower bunches)

At 3.2 meg, I'll have to balk at e-mailing it to everyone who's replied. I'm a sad 56k man.

But keep your eyes peeled for it. smile.gif

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