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CM Ladders/Clubs

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I haven't seen much discussion of CM ladders or online clubs in this forum. Once in a while you'll see a reference to one.

What is the "best" CM Ladder or CM'ers Club in your opinion?

What features does it offer, and why do you like it?


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Hello Easy. I have played on two of the larger ladder sites, Grognards and Tournamenthouse. Both are well done sites and enjoyable.

I stopped using Grognards (the URL escapes me, many here on the forum will have it if you ask) as the setup on the site felt a bit cumbersome to use. However the game play was lively and fun. Many enjoyable and tough opponents may be found there.

I currently use Tournamenthouse. www.tournamenthouse.com The site is well designed and easy to use. Yobobo, the owner of the site is both helpful and friendly. The game play is very competitive and fun. Here I have found you need to use a bit of care when selecting your opponents to fit your playing style.

www.rugged-defense.nl/ is another ladder site and many of the members of this forum may be found there.

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Hi Easy... I like Dogs of War... wink.gif Don't you? As far as a club goes, you can't beat it.


Features limited membership to prevent yet another "Hey, I'm on another ladder" sign ups. All members participate. You actually get to know all the members, or at least a large part of them. We regularly have tournaments, events, and even starting up our own Campaign event. We have Yahoo Messanger as our default IM service, which members regularly voice chat on. All in all, it's more like a real "club" than any others that I have visited. BTW, I'm also on all those ladders (TH, Blitz, RD, etc, etc..) and have been since November of 2000. How many games do you think I've been challenged to? Well, I'll tell ya. TWO! 2, count em. In the Dogs of War, I'm constantly being challenged to a game be it TCP/IP or another open game. Every game I've started with our members has finished (No deserters), and in a timely fashion (several turns a week, if not daily). That in and of itself is a major KUDO... Bottom line...

DOW = All CM, All the time! But then, you knew all this, didn't cha? wink.gif

Now let's get back to butchering each other in that hellhole of a map "Snoops Valley" for our Valentines Day Massacre Tourney...

Bigmac out!

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