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Nazi Cammo.......

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Well heres my firs tpost, I have been trying to join this board fro a while but have run into technicle Schnaffus it would seem up until now.

At any rate, I would like to make the point that the SS camo schemes were really more than just 'nifty uniforms', or a matter of asthetics. Unquestionably this stuff is effective. I paint WWII wargameing figs for a liveing at the moment and I must say to look at 20mm SS next to 20mm brits or something from the other side of the room is very, very differant. The Nazis almost meld into a lump while it is very easy to distinguish the form of the brits. Your eyes simply reject the pattern with it being nearly impossible to focus directly on from a distance.

Considering CM:BO already takes into account spotting and such quite nicely, it should be a minor tweak (dependant on the nature of how its programmed in) to augment the Smock clad facists with better concealment skills, ESPECIALLY when static.

So Whadda ya think?

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