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omg i never had so many possible bugs happen in one scenario before

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i had a sniper on the ROOF of a single story house:



the computer ai sent an armored car into an alleyway and fired on my troops...it hit the building edge four times before the vet crew abandoned the car...



i ordered my sherman to shell a building. 38 sec later it did. it was a regular tank so it should have done this faster.


after friendly inf nearby panicked from enemy fire the sherm fired. did it not fire for fear of friendly fire?



a german halftrack hid in an alley. i ordered my sherm tank to rush up there and take him out. the half track at the same time backed out. let me narrate:

the ht rams my sherm, freaks and runs away, which my sherman doesn't even notice, the ht rounds the corner but hits a knocked out stuh, where it gets stuck, my troops throw nade after nade at it to no avail, it spins around, breaks loose, gets a rifle grenade up the butt, rounds the corner again, rushes past my halftracks which do not fire, and then parks near the german position in full view of the hts(cyan blue line).


my ht ignores the german ht even after i order it to fire on the german, just to go after some retreating volk inf, leaving the helpless crippled german ht alone.


the german ht is assaulted by inf AGAIN and runs away right toward my ht which i had told to fire on the german.



in an earlier scenario version the comp set up his troops so vehicles were stuck in the middle of a ring of rubble(blue circles) and heavy buildings so they couldnt leave. troops were also stuck in heavy buildings surrounded by heavy buildings so they could not leave(inf units in red circles).


was that list not impressive???????

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Panzer Leader:

I wish I could get my guys on top of buildings...


and with a violen singing from fiddler on the roof to boot. :D Or is that just coming in CM2???

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On one of my PBEM's my opponent's two Stug's refuse to fire at my M8 HMC that is just a few feet away. My M8 even shot each one of the Stugs once.

Bizarre, but good for me.


Hey, nice building mods, btw!

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thnx! i use panzertruppen's hi res small and medium buildings, while using magua's heavy buildings

i do have the tc clipboard, but i like his hi-vis info screen better than his gunmetal one.

i have tried to replicate that roof trick, but no joy yet :(

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