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FYI, here in Halifax we only seem to have one winter per decade where snow stays on the ground throughout winter.

Well, this is one of them!

Right now deciduous trees are covered with ice (freezing rain last week), plus it snowed last night, so the coniferous trees are covered with snow as well.

When the sun hits them you have these glittering tree branches contracting with dark green conifers with snow on them.

I'll see if I can take some good pictures tomorrow, it's really gorgeous.

I haven't seen any Winter "freezing rain" mods out there, at least not so far.

I don't know if they had snow like this in France, maybe in Alsace and the Jura. Maybe in Germany too...


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Alberta rolleyes.gif My sister lives in Banff, I'd swear the weather changes every 15 minutes. When I was visiting her last year, the first day I woke up, SNOW. Everyone was going around in parkas. By 2 in the afternoon it was 20 above and everyone was in shorts. And this was in March........



Canada For CM



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