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DFDR release date?

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DFDR, is a mod to tries to make CM work in the desert. Originally I just wanted to release enough to entice the various modders out there to do what I couldn't, 1st class mods to the various vehicles that are suitable for the desert.

However with the assistance of Audace, Clubfoot, and recently Pascal (a write for a a French wargame magazine) the project has taken off. Clubfoot and a friend are working up a dedicated website to host all the bmps, wavs, scenarios, and support files needed. The mod will include around 30 scenarios plus suggestions on what mod to add to what scenario to make it look or sound correct.

The mod will cover battles sweeping from Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, over to Crete, Italy and Sciliy. I even plan to add more scenarios as time goes by.

Clubfoot tells me that the website should be running around 2 weeks from now, mid March? It will have a forum so we can keep messages about the mod and why we did what we did off this forum, isn't fair to those that don't care about it. It also means we can trade ideas and even upload mods to the website.

Now if the takes off I want to try to cover battles in 1939 and 1940. This obviously will be limited since the game is designed for 1944-45 but I think it is possible to a certain degree.


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Thanks for showing all this interest fellas, it drives us forward to completion when our forward impetus slows.

I'm waiting to open the site until we've got enough content sorted and assembled for your perusal. Most of the actual mod work is finished, save the scenarios. I've only completed, tested, and tweaked five missions so far, but I believe MikeT's scenario momentum has been greater than mine to date. Pascal Di Folco is working on some now as well, (correct me if I'm wrong, Pascal).

When the site is open, The major elements of the mod will be available immediately for download as well as other goodies. These will include but not be limited to :

-assorted vehicle textures.

-all terrain tiles including SSM tiles.

-the interface conversion.

-any completed and tested scenarios and ops.

-Italians Attack! and possibly Vichy French force pack SSM's.

-TwoShed's most excellent Mod Manager.

-force restriction documents to help guide the hand of anyone wishing to craft DFDR scenarios.

and more...

I've recon that some of you are already making DFDR scenarios and that just plain rocks. When the site is up, we'll post any user-made scenarios and DFDR mods you send us (within reason, of course). To make our live's a little easier, it would be grand if your desert scenarios began with the prefix "DFDR-" and had the date which your mission takes place included first in said mission's description sentence.

I'm sorry I can't give a definite date, but I'll say this. If you just paid your horrendous gas bill, the mod will be in your hands before you have to pay it again.


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