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Panzerschreck range?

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It’s not the panzerschreack, but the M9 bazooka as a comparison. From FM 23-20, the M9 sights consisted of a rear peep site and a front site with three studs representing aiming points at 100yrd, 200yrd and 300yrd. “Harassing fire” against area targets could apparently be delivered out to 650 yrds. Training on the M9 emphasized engagement of moving or stationary tank sized targets out to ranges of 300 yards. However, at 300 yards inherent dispersion of the rocket is quite large.

“Panzerfaust” by Wolfgang Fleischer indicates maximum “effective” range for Raketenpanzerbuchse 54 & 54/1 as 150 to 180 meters. It also indicates that moving tanks were not to be engaged beyond 120 meters. Infantry targets were sometimes engaged out to an astronomical range of 1000meters (the circumstances of such an extended range engagement are not elaborated upon…presumably a “harassing fire” technique against area targets similar to the M9).

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