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Okay, New CMHQ Chat System now running!!!!

Guest Madmatt

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Guest Madmatt

Okay for those of you Java powered then just head over to http://www.combatmission.com:8000 and anyone IRC inclined can log onto IRC server www.combatmission.com port 7000 and join the #lobby.

This chat system looks pretty much like the old one but it now allows for registered nicknames and some other stuff which leads me to yet another offer for help. While I have gotten a great many offers to help with the website (and I will be getting back with you all shortly) what I really need is a IRC/Chat system whiz that can help me figure out all these op codes and access masks and do flickeys.

If you know your way around Conference Room (thats the chat system I use) then please email me as I could use a little aid making the CMHQ chat system as good as it can be.

Thanks and enjoy!



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