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infantry guns going pinned then panic under no fire

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I watched a 150mm infantry gun of mine in woods do this during a battle: order them to fire at a target, they fire. After that target is destroyed (took two turns), the unit goes pinned. Ok next turn I give it a target they can see. They fire 1 shot, go pinned. Next turn I target the same unit again. The gun sits there contemplating, goes pinned, then became panicked! At no time during these three turns was the gun under fire. Not infantry fire, not mortar fire, not arty fire, not tank fire. What gives? Could this be a bug? I watched all the turns very closely. No fire was received from anywhere on the battlefield at any time on this gun.

Really odd behaivor. anyone else seen this?


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Guest Rommel22


how do you even have time to play??!!

Get back to maaking mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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