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Off-map vehicles strafed/bombed by planes?

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I was playing a game of "A Rock in the Flood" where I as the Germans had to escape the map while the Poles tried to cut me off.

The Poles did not press their attack across the map very vigorously, so while I had an exit road wide open, I raced units off, well before the end of the game (25 turn game). In fact I was rocketing units off by the third or fourth turn.

Imagine my surprise when some aircraft showed up and starting bombing the crap out of me. It made me glad I had exited units in advance, and I kept the exits going as fast as I could.

here's the interesting part. Near the end of the game, with only a few turns left, on several turns, crews (2 total) began to pop up in the road "square" where I was running most of my units off. These two crews were DEFINATELY not from any vehicles that had previously been knocked out in that area. This had me wondering.

Was the aircraft that showed up launching virtual attacks against the units I had already exited. I forgot to count the number of vehicles I lost on the map, and check it against the number listed in the victory screen.

Any info appreciated.

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