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Gun damage to AFVs

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Playing a QB yesterday, I was sneaking up on a Churchill VII with a Hetzer from a flank position. The distance being roughly 100m, when both almost simultaneous shoot at each other. The Churchill knocks out the gun of my Hetzer, while the Hetzer misses the target. Now....

Since this more or less happens during the first couple of seconds, the Churchill keeps pounding my Hetzer for the rest of the turn, with every second round hitting the gun, man every second shot!

I can't believe this would happen in real life. What percentage of the front area is made up of the gun? Maximum 10% - very maximum. Is it so that the code includes a biased statistical randomize regarding the hit distribution. I can also see (what I think) an unpropitiously high weak-point hits on Panthers/StuGs.

BTW the Churchill was unable to knock out the Hetzer, and succumbing to a 1000m flanking shot of a KT.

Another guy with KTs and Hetzers, hmmmm....


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Guest Napoleon1944

I see this happen too often, it doesn't seem to be rare enough. If your tank is damaged in second 1, it will sit there for 59 more seconds and get hamered instead of moving away.


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