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CM 2 and german tungsten

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I just came across this information about german tungsten rounds:

"Information on tungsten cored projectiles (APCR and APCNR) is conflicting to say the least. Germany was cut off from tungsten sources in 1943 and production ceased shortly after. The remaining ammunition was allegedly put into storage for industrial use. On the other hand, some sources claim that 5cm Pzgr.40 remained in production throughout the war because the Pak 38 was utterly useless without it. Others claim that Panthers and Tigers would occasionally carry one or two of these rounds in 1944 and 1945 in order to deal with those special targets like the Soviet IS–2."

I found this at: http://www.wargamer.org/GvA/weapons/germany.html#Tungsten_Cored_Projectiles

If this is accurate, will Tigers, Panthers and other axis AFV's carry T - rounds into 1944-1945 (for CM2)?

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