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Aberdeen Proving Ground Museum in MD

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Holy Fricken Crap.

Has anyone here ever been there? If you are a CM fan, I'd say it is just about as cool as you can get. It is an absolute MUST if you enjoy this game.

Aberdeen Proving GRounds is the army's ordinance base, and is just north of Baltimore, MD. It's exit 83 off 95.

My friend and I who also plays CM went there Saturday. I was blown away by what they have. They have a "tank park" outside, and several other tanks and vehicles on the median down a main road. Literally, I can't remember everything they had, but I do know they had:

* Several M5A1 Stuarts

* Several Shermans

* A Priest

* An M10 tank destroyer

* A Hellcat

* Several American Halftracks

* A Churchhill, I believe VII

* A Pershing (much smaller than I thought it would be)

* Tons of Allied antitanks guns

* Tons and TONS of allied artillery peices, both towed, rail, and SPA

* lots and lots of other things I am forgetting.

And that's not all!

For the axis, they have:

* 2 Panthers

* 2 Tigers

* An Elephant (was being restored)

* Several variations of Stugs

* Marder I, II, III

* Wespe

* Hummel

* Jadgpanther

* Jadgtiger

* Jadgpanzer

* Scout cars

* Halftracks and APCs

* lots of artillery, anti-tanks guns, and three variations of the infamous 88s.

And that is STILL not all! Inside they have every small arms weapons, submachine gun, sidearms, mortar, machine gun and anti tank device you could every imagine. Panzershecks, panzerfausts, PIATs, bazookas, well .. I will stop there .. EVERYTHING

They also had litteraly thousands of tons of Russian, Italian, Japanese, and other armor, atrillery, arms, etc. We will definately be going back when CM2 is released.

I had no idea all this stuff was there. I felt completely overwhelmed. To see the GIGANTIC Jadgtiger as just ONE of the hundereds of tanks there, was amazing. My friend and I were guessing what the next tank was, bsaed on the CM version. And I must say, the CM team has done a FANTASTIC job of modelling EVERYTHING. When you can spot the shot trap in a tank and you know it was goign to be there becasue CM said so, you know the game is right on. You can also see why open-topped vehicles sucked so bad, and see how cramped the inside of a tank was. The Hummel, for instance, was laoded on the left hand side, a cross reach for the gunner. No wonder it's ROF is so slow!

Ok, so ... long, long post, but I thought I would let people know.


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I don't know .. we didn't go over there.

That one is Big ... but there was a rail gun, to the left of that pic, that was even BIGGER. And, I think the biggest gun EVER, was down the road a bit ... a 980 mm mortar.

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Me too ... fortunately, it's about 2 hours from me, so I am not too far away.

I sat behind one of the German 88s they had there. Most of the handles are welded in place, but this one STILL WORKED!

My friend and I rotated and angled it to line up a back shot on a Jadgpanzer. I can't even imagine how terrifiying it must have been to be an AT gun crew back then. That 88 is huge and intimidating.

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