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The 2 refers to 2002, the anticipated release year. If BTS is unable to keep up with release dates the next version of CM will be called CM:XP.

Seriously, the announced release time frame is the third (I'm pretty sure they said Fall) quarter of 2001, but it won't be released until it's done.

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Originally posted by Pvt. Ryan:

but it won't be released until it's done.

Oh where is the fun in that? BTS should think BIG if its going to BE BIG. They need to do the SOP for big company games - release a buggy BETA, then release a sequel you have to buy to correct the first game.

I mean, think of the fun those games are. You experience anticipation, surprise, confusion, frustration, anger and disappointment all while INSTALLING the game!

Think of all those things we miss out on just because BTS wants to stay "small time" and only release games when they are finished! What a waste! biggrin.gif



But we're saying goodbye to them all

We're Harry's police force on call!

So put back your pack on

The next stop is Saigon

Don't bless the few bless 'em all!

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