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Kudos to BTS and Co.

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Since the announcement of Deanco getting signed on (Congrats!), I was thinking about BTS and how they have grown as a business unit, and how cool it is that the team expanded by grabbing some of the best from the players/modders ranks.

If CM1 was made by wargamers, for wargamers, it is accurate to say that CM2+ will be made by Combat Missions players, for Combat Missions players. Literally.

I mean, how freaking cool is that?

I have certainly had my share of run-ins with Steve, but when it comes right down to it, any company that has the balls to go out and grab its customers to expand its employee team gets high marks in my book.

Congratulations to Wild Bill, Krazydog (you were once a peasant, right?), MadMatt, Deanco, and certainly all the "unofficial" employees (Tiger, Bergman, etc., etc.) who have done such a great job of making this game so damn good, and are going to make the next ones even better.

Jeff Heidman

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HERE, Here!

YES, Major Congrats on all the success and on selecting the very finest players and participants here to work on CMBB (CM2)!

Keep up the GREAT work!

Thanks for everything and thanks for putting up with all of us, some are more easy to deal with than others, but thanks for dealing with all the complaits and bitching and whinning and dissent in such a proffesional and respectful way.

Wishing you ALL the best of luck on CMBB!


-tom w

editted for spelling (again)

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I don't have your history with BTS, but I have to agree with your overall point. I have been continually amazed to see the mutual respect between BTS and its customers.

I suspect that this has more to do with the people at BTS than it does with a "business plan" strategy but I know this...every company in America is trying to build this same kind of bond with its customers.

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