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Podvyssokoya Op./CMBB

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I think the full name of the Op at the Scenario Depot is: "GP-1 Podvyssokoya (It's found in the letter "G" index).

I played this as the Soviet against a pbem opponent who usually gives me a tough fight. I felt sorry for the guy because it seemed like the Germans don't have much of a chance. However, he may have had some bad luck at the start.

Before I rate this scenario at The Depot (a great site, btw) I would like to PBEM as Russians again.

While I understand I could post this in the Opponent Finder Forum, I thought I might have better luck here at Scenario Talk.

The briefing and background for the Op is a "10" in my book, so, to have the battle turn out the way it did was a disappointment.

So if anybody is already bored with CMAK and wants to do some forest fighting as a German/pbem, please look me up.



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