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Guest Joe98

Game engine: NEW

Synopsis: Major countries can influence minor countries to remain neutral or to join the war as a minor ally.

Any major power can spend production points on any minor neutral.

There is no limit to the number of points. Rather, if a major power spend production points in any one area there are fewer points to spend in other areas.

The Allies and the Axis always know when the other has sent points to a neutral. But they will not know how many points until a trigger event occurs.

Once certain events occur, there is a trigger. Each event is worth some points in favour of the Allies and some in favour of the Axis. Each production point is worth one point.

The points net each other off and leave a balance. The minor neutral bowels a dice and adds the net figure. According to the result the minor neutral might:

- remain neutral

- join the Axis

- join the Allies

If the minor neutral joins one side or the other, then:

- The troops of the minor neutral join the war

- The factory hexes of the minor neutral add to the rate of production of the side that it has joined.

CONS: Difficult to make a list of triggers

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