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Is the cooperation with store4war discontinued? Because not long ago a link on the Battlefront CM order page would have lead to store4war. Now I can't find this link again. I ordered a copy of the U.S. version of CM two weeks ago as an x-mas present and at that time the link was still there. As payment method I chose Mastercard. I received an automatic email with a confirmation for my order. Since then I haven't heard of them. Should I forget about that order and reorder directly from Battlefront?

Hope you can help.


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Now Store4War took their CM web site completely off the web. I emailed them and asked if they will process my order. No reply. What happened? My question again: Has Battlefront ceased its cooperation with store4war ? Just wondering. Because when I order again at Battlefront.com and store4war then decides to process my order I've got 2 copies.


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