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The strategic game part 3

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Game engine: NEW

Synopsis: Friendly nations should be able to send points to each other at any time subject to the restrictions below.

The US, the UK and France can send points back and forth between each other.

When points are sent to a friendly country, only 80% should ever arrive. This represents the cost of sending those points.

Example: If the US sends 100 points to the UK by convoy. If 100 points get through, then 80 points are actually delivered.

Example: If the US sends 100 points to the UK by convoy and 90 points get through, then 80% of 90 = 72 points are actually delivered.

Points arrive at the start of the next turn.

The French cannot receive nor send production points to anybody till 1st Jan 1941 ? should they survive that long

The US and the Brits can send each other production points from the start of the game.

Nobody can send points to Russia till Russia is at war with Germany.

Germany and Italy can send production points to each other at any time.

CONS: If to many points are sent it might imbalance the game

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