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ok, just got a new graphics card to execute CMBO, a elsa gloria II. (and i hope to do a little 3D studio max on the side).

I am having problems getting this thing to work properly, anyone know of any problems compatibility wise with the gloria II and windows2000? Or an abit mobo? Or an AMD CPU? I greatly appreciate it.

To elaborate, the problems start when i put the CD in to load the drivers. It gives me an error messege saying that it could not find the elsagII.inf file on the CD that it needed. So i loaded the ones from the elsa website and they just plain suck; run everything really slow. Really weird, aint it? Anyone, can u help me !?

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Hi there,

No, no compatibility probs that I know of. This is one of the best programmed games I know of, so I think the prob is elsewhere. This sounds stupid, but does your comp recognize your new video card? Start>Control Panel>System>Device Manager and look under your graphics card.

If it's looking for an .inf file, that sounds driver related to me. Get a geek buddy to come over and fix it is my solution. Make sure you have lots of cookies, candy, chips, Coke etc on hand before you invite him over. smile.gif



CM interface mods: http://mapage.cybercable.fr/deanco/

so many games...so little time

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