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CMMOS (v. 3.00) gentlemen: Bloody fine work!

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To Gordon Molek, the brainchild of CMMOS and his crew:

-- Marco Bergman

-- Mike “SS Peiper” Carrasquillo

-- Fernando J. Carrera Buil

-- Keith "sitzkreig" Carter

-- Philippe Divine

-- Michael Dorosh

-- Marcel "Pawbroon" Vie

-- David "Maximus" Molinarolo

-- Tim "Rune" Orosz

-- M. Shane “Feldgrau” Peterson

- Matt “Panzerwerfer42” Weaver

This is one EXCELLENT piece of software! Being an avid CMMOS user, I have downloaded your latest version recently (been away from the board for some time) and had to marvel at the energy and attention to detail in CMMOS. It’s simple to use, effortless in swapping mods, in fact, it’s a NEAT piece of a program, fullstop.

PS: Gordon, send me your address and I’ll dispatch 6 bottles of South African wine in return as a “thank you” from all of us on this bulletin board.

Prost to all in the New Year!

Charl Theron



"This wine is too good for toast-drinking, my dear. You don’t want to mix emotions up with a wine like that. You lose the taste."

-- Ernest Hemingway to Count Mippipopolous in "The Sun Also Rises" (1926)

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Thank you for the kind words. No need to send donations (yet). smile.gif

All I require for now is the eternal praise and admiration of my adoring public. Eventually, I'm sure a small-ish shrine will be necessary (no bigger than, say, the Taj Mahal) where my worshipers can leave their offerings and prayers, and where my disciples can gather.

Gordon :D;)

Papa always said that the way to get rich was to start a new religion. :rolleyes:

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