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The strategic game part 2

Guest Joe98

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Guest Joe98

Game engine: NEW

Synopsis: The US will probably send production points to it?s allies and from time to time send troops across the sea to Europe. The Germans will attempt to stop this.

In some games the US player has nothing much to do until 7th December 1941. In my view the US player should be busy from the very beginning.

Like all the major powers, the US should be able to spend its production points as it sees fit. The usual shopping list would be:

Increase the rate of production of it?s factories


Purchase troops


Send production points to allied major powers.

The sending of production points is a strategic move which can be countered by the Germans. It would be done like this:

The Germans / Allies need to play a cat and mouse game so it is not predictable. There would be 2 boxes. One is called the ?North Atlantic Route? and the other is called the ?Mid Atlantic Route?

The US player places production points in one box, or the other box or both boxes. The US player and or the British player might add some surface fleets and or air wings as escort. Units could be added to a box without a convoy of production points.

The German player does not how many production points are in the box nor does he know the make up of the escorts. The German player places surface fleets and or air wings into one box or both boxes.

The computer reveals to both players the contents of the boxes. Any escorts have a battle. If the Germans come out on top then they will attack the convoy of production points.

Any surviving points are added to the UK total of production points.

There would be a third box called ?Murmansk Convoy?. This would be used in exactly the same way to send production points to the Russians.

Subsquently, the US will need to send troops to Europe. The US player moves his units into one box or the other or both and the same mechanics are used. Troops are then deployed into the UK.

CONS: If there is too much action in these boxes it could spoil the game as a whole.

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