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Screwy Tank drivers

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Has this ever happened to you. I was just making the first few moves of a pbem game, playing the Germans. My one heavey armored car kept moveing on it's own for no reason.

It would follow my orders but them move out into the middle of an open field, and sit there. I moved it back behind cover and as soon as it completed the move it turned around and again moved to the middle of the open ground with out orders. It was not under attack, morale was fine, but it kept moveing to wide open flat ground, making itself a sitting duck. Sure enough the duck got shot. How come? I don't mind paying for my mistakes, but it's really disapointing to have the computer make them for me. I guess it's realistic to once in a while have a tank commander who's a suicidel idiot, but it's not much fun. ANy ideas why this happened and how it could be avoided in the future?


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I've had a Panther veer from the course through the open that I plotted for it by about 30 meters and run straight for a nice sized patch of woods filled with infantry where a zook took it out. I'd orderd the Panther to head straight and make an arc turn to the left so as to get clear LOS of my opponent's last armoured asset (an M7) which was hiding behind a building, and the damned fool didn't make the arc and ran straight toward close assault AT hell. Go figger.

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Now that is a scenario I often see in this great game, Agua!!

However, although I admit at times it is extremely frustrating to see your units take an alternative route or behave unexpectedly and die as a result, to me that is what makes CM so much fun to play - it can be sooo unpredictable at times (just like the real thing - the best laid plans of mice and men etc.......) ;)

We should be so lucky that it's only computer generated troops who fail to heed our godlike instructions - imagine what it was like for any field commander in war where he knows what he wants to achieve, gives his orders, the secondary chain of command or even the troops accidently stuff it up and consequently die in their hundreds (or thousands as was sometimes the case).

Now THAT would definitely not feel good!!


Remember, SNAFU (Situation Normal-All F----- Up!) was a very common terminology from WW2 (or maybe even WW1 - don't know if that term existed back then...)

IMHO CM seems to model the SNAFU factor very well.




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