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I'm trying to finish up Super Action Pack vol 3: Commonwealth 'n' Polish Uniforms. The one thing I need at this point is a decent, straight-on photograph of a Denison smock for the British and Polish airborne. The only good image I can find on the Web is of a 1945 pattern smock which I'm sure you all do not want, although I suppose I can include it as an option.

Anyhow, a good, large-sized scan (remember--I'm doing these all hi-res), digital photo, or otherwise of a 1st of 2nd pattern Denison would be greatly appreciated.

Post it here or e-mail me at andrew@foxarts.com



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These may be of some assistance to you Mr. Fox. There's a colour pic of the Denison Smock (rear view) on the first link. Go to the Gear/Para Uniforms page. There's loads of Para links also.


Denison Smock - Illustrated front http://www.marketgarden.com/new/gear2frame.html

Go to "Clothing" Link

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