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Thank You Madmatt!

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can he bring himself to lock a thread that praises him so?! :>

A conundrum indeed!!



"What do I care, I got laid last week" - Chupacabra

"Bjorn again are really quite good!" - Germanboy

- Official owner of the sig files of Dalem and Croda -

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Guest Mirage2k

Matt! Matt! Matt! Matt!

Who do we want?


When do we want him?


Go Matt!!!!!




"No, it's not that kind of relationship. We're just friends. We are together all the time, but I never touch her porcelain skin, her soft, red lips, like rose petals from the emperor's bathwater! Bathwater, I tell you, bathwateeeeeeer!"

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And now for the obigatory on topic statement:

MADDMATT YOU RULE!!!!! And how about the accuracy of those 88's. Yes I believe they are modeled correctly. (note the dripping sarcasm!)


Sir are you sure you want to go to red alert...it would mean changing the bulb

-Kryton of Red Dwarf

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Guest KwazyDog

Hehe, I just bought the entire Red Dwarf series Priest, its a hell of a laugh smile.gif

I think Ill lock this one up now, especially considering I didn't even get one thanks you ungrateful bunch wink.gif


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