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High-stakes tank battle and village slugfest(approx. 3500pts).

Now at the Depot

Title: Ponyri Push

Type: Axis Attack

Date: July 9, 1943

Location: Central Front, Kursk-Orel Railway

Region: Central

Weather: Overcast, Cool

Terrain: Dry

Wind: Breeze

Turns: 35

Best Played as Two Player, then Axis vs. AI, stick to DEFAULT


On July 7th, Model's 9th Army renewed its attacks to penetrate the central front's second defensive belt along the Olkhovatka-Ponyri axis. The village of Ponyri and its railroad and tractor stations dominated the critical rail and road approaches into Kursk from the north. The Germans later refered to the village as the Stalingrad of the Kursk salient.

On July 9th, The 292nd Infantry Division and the 18th Panzer Division made its third attempt to clear the stubborn men of Major General Enshin's 307th Rifle Division.

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Send it too me man.

I have one I am working on concerning 2nd Panzer and 505th Pz Bn in their attack in the Olkhovatka area further west. It is an operation covering 7-8 July and the morning of the 9th (7 battles 15 turns each). Right now it is semi historical but as I do more research I hope to be able to make it more precise.

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Tested it and sent you a e-mail with results. I think you did a great job on this one, and it may end up being a CMBB classic. I don't think you could do much better, besides improving the AI, and that can't be done. The play balance versus the AI is perfect and even the AI does pretty good in this battle.

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Originally posted by Sarjen:

Hi Flammenwerfer,

did you use the 1.03 beta version of CMBB? As a german user and thus playing with the CDV-version i´m not able to use your scenario. Sorry dude - would´ve like to.

Sorry mate, not sure how to convert back to v1.02 :confused:

If you(or anyone) knows how, please bounce me at


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