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You were saying, Sir Madmatt ...?

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Originally posted by WRG:

At the risk of plunging into the general hysteria ... Madmatt, didn't you a week or two back promise us an "announcement" concerning CM2 "shortly"?

I agree with WRG. Playing the dreaded Yanks as an interim measure is a big ask for this dedicated Ivan. But when the choice comes down to being a Cherman or a gun chewer, I have no choice. A Cherman - never!! What I really want is a brace of T-34s, a million or so suicidal frontal assaulters to swarm all over the frankfurters like flies, and paratroopers who know when to release their grip on that wingtip...

We all know that the western front was a sideshow. When do we get the main event?

Yours, patiently, the Siberian Division,

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