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Ideas for CM II

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I understand that BigTime is working on a follow up game. Are there any forums for user suggestions? I would like to see improved rubble graphics that give you an idea on the amount of cover the square offers, and perhaps a company supply area in your rear area (in most scenarios) so a squad could run back and pick up more ammo for the platoon.

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Search under "CM2 features" for more results than I could possibly post here. For starters, go to

Before CMBO was even released http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/Forum1/HTML/002822.html

Trenches http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/Forum1/HTML/008407.html

Features to hope for http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/Forum1/HTML/010243.html

Battles to fight http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/Forum1/HTML/010712.html

Stukas http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/Forum1/HTML/011887.html


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The Last Defense- Mods, Scenarios, and more!

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Ooooh a links thread! biggrin.gif

Large Request Threads

Poll:What add features you wait for in CM2?

Little Gems of ideas for CM2 thread

What absolutely HAS to be in CM2

CM2: Wouldn't it be wiser...


Graphics suggestions for CM2

CM article - Graphics

Gameplay and AI

Three little teeny tiny small improvements for the next CM

Ideas on how to solve the VL 'problem' in CM2?

Gamey option idea for those "Gamey-Tactics"

Roster still needed

Historical availability of the Puma

Better QBs for CM2

QB requests for CM2

unhappy because your tank didn't see the piat?

Engineer options during the game

Why not 'set range' instead of ambush markers?

Spotting in CM2?

Editor and Terrain Stuff

cm2 scenario editor: stuff that would be nice

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

CM2 wishlist: sewers, multi-dimensional buildings

new tiles request for editor

Photography mission: Urban Terrain in CM

BTS: CM2 Terrain scale?

Elevation step changes in CM2

Map feature request for CM2: shell impacted terrain density generation

CM2 scenarios, ops, battles, wishlist

HEY BTS! A Frustrated Scenario/Operations Designer Speaks Out! (Constructively)

New Units

Most Anticipated Soviet vehicles for CM2

Add-on pack stuff......BTS

The only rightly justified vehicles to be included in a future patch

Missing German HT

Brumbar, Sturm Tiger, sIG33 Bison, Panther II

CM2 and Captured Tanks

Equipment wishlist for CM1 Add-on and CM2

What AFV are you looking forward to?

Soviet Armor list in CM2

Brummbar in CM2?

PzIV/70 vs. Jagdpanzer IV/70

Italian vehicles in CM2?

Horses in CM2?

Rare Vehicle Poll

Minimum Tank list for CM2

CM2 Info.......

Been waitin' to post that one. smile.gif Just for future reference.

- Chris

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