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Engineers and Minefields


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I guess I ought to know this by now, but I don't, so can anyone who knows explain how Engineers are supposed to work? I set up a scenario with German AP mines, AT mines and Daisy Chain Mines, plus barbed wire. I then placed a platoon of veteran US Engineers next to each minefield and barbed wire. Added some pillboxes facing the wrong way so the AI wouldn't surrender on turn one.

The engineers seemed to remove the daisey chain mines after three or four turns. They did not even see the other AT and AP minefields, even though they were right next to them.

So, can someone who knows please explain the procedure for having engineers find and destroy minefields? Are there any restrictions, such as not being able to remove AT minefields, other troops / tanks "finding" the mines first, or Engineers having to have satchel charges available? (All the squads in my test scenario had two satchel charges each).



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I did some tests on this a while ago -

Until the Engineers "see" the minefield they will not clear them.

They must have demo charges available - so when you run out of charges you can't clear any more. I think (from memory!) 3 charges were needed to clear 1 field.

It might depend on the skill, level, terrain, mode and weather (sorry not enough replications to give consistent results)as to when/if the Engineers find them.

Unfortunately, often the only way the Engineers find the mines is when they walk on to them!

I'll see if I can find the old threads...

Of course this was with v1.02 (or something ancient)

Oh - sometimes you have to wait a bit before they will clear them.


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Destroying minefields in the assault is a very hard thing to do.

Normally it is a small Operation in itself. The infantry and armour have to provide firepower and security which will allow engineers at the minefield.

Before all of that spotting of minefields is done by recon forces. CMs treating of this is comical. Recognizing "mine sign" is something all combat troops are trained to do and your chances are a lot better than what CM has given you.

Beyond that, once a field is found, breaching points will be decided upon by the local engineer comd. In the scale of CM, 2xbreaches will be attempted to achieve one. Engineer sects, again two for each breaching point will be supported by as much firepower as can be brought to bear and smoke. The timing is again off in CM for AT breaching but pretty close to the mark for AP minefields. The section will push up and use line charges for AP minefields. The infantry will push thru and assault bridgehead objectives. In the context of WWII will conduct a hasty "hand and blow" breach for AT minefields. Where troops will push into the minefield on their stomaches and breach a vehicle lanes for follow on armour. That operation takes a lot longer.

Again mine warfare has received casual treatment in the game in favour of fast gameplay and balance. The goal of obstacles is to unbalance the odds in favour of the defender, so most "unfun" in terms of a game. That an actual employment of forces in these operations is somewhat outside the scope of the casual gamer and would probably seem "unfair" and "gamey" in play.

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