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Downloading mdmp-1 from mad dog mod

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Guest aka PanzerLeader

D/Load the file anywhere you want on your computer. The important part is this: once u've d/loaded, open the file, extract the BMPs and put them into your BMP folder(CMBO directory). Overwrite everything when prompted to. Same thing for WAVs.

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Graphics (BMP's) ---> CMBO/bmp

Sounds (WAV's) ---> CMBO/wav

Scenarios/Ops (.CMB,.CMC) ---> CMBO/scenarios

Some advice.....make a backup of your BMP Folder. That way, if you install a Mod and you don't like it, you can always copy back the originals. Same for the WAV Folder if you ever install new sounds.


COMBAT MISSIONS - Resources For Combat Mission


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