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New Commando Skorzeny scenario and SSM.

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You forum gents(and ladies),

To test-run the SSM (Scenario Specific Mod) ideas we've had for Desert Fox-Desert Rats, I've put together a new Commando Skorzeny mission with it's own SSM.

'Sheep's Clothing' involves Otto's commandos as well as elements of his 150th Pz. Brigade in the first action of 'Operation Greif'. Wearing captured American uniforms and accompanied by hastily whitewashed Panther G's mocked up to resemble a "Shermann" from a distance, Skorzeny's men infiltrated Allied rear areas to wreak havoc.

The SSM will appropriately outfit your Waffen SS commandos in the requisite American uniforms as well mock up your winter Panther G's as disguised, white-washed "Shermann's".

The mod is meant to be used in conjunction with TwoShed's CM Mod Manager, but could be utilized the old fashioned way as well.

I'm looking for playtesters, preferably those who use the Mod Manager (I want to know if it translated correctly and functions appropriately).

Answer here if your interested, include your e-mail address, and I'll send you the .zip.

(It weighs in at about 1-1/2 meg.)


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Your idea sounds interesting, but I can't help you with playtest, since I've only gotten as far as downloading the Mac mod manager conversion programs. I can tell you, though, that the Panthers had sheet metal turret add-ons designed to resemble the M-10, not the M-4.

The subject is a perennial favorite among armor modelers, and I have seen extensive writeups on it in the now-defunct AFV G-2 magazine and in IPMS (International Plastic Modeler's Society) Quarterly back in the early Seventies. I'd suggest an Internet search under "M-10 lookalike" , a visit to Missing Lynx (www.missinglynx.com) and AFV News www.activevr.com/afv); posting there should get you a photo link quickly. Lots of Battle of the Bulge books show the Panther mods, too, though not as well as the modelers pubs do.

You can also use jeeps and M-8s in your Greif force mix.

Hope this helps.


John Kettler

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Guest highlife

Skorzeny's 150th Panzer Brigade also had several Stugs made up to be US tanks. I have several pics of them but no site to upload them to. I think I remember reading he had five panthers and five Stugs as well as the jeeps and M8's which were captured equipment. I have never figured out what the Stugs were supposed to look like. They even had Schurtzen.

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The Mod Manager for PC at CMHQ is indeed the one to which I refer. Thanks for the reply and check your in-box. Please e-mail me a response with suggestions and criticisms when you've had time to evaluate the scenario and mod. Thanx!


Thanks for the heads up on the faux Allied armor. What limited research I've done for "Sheep's Clothing" and the other Commando Skorzeny missions has mostly been the reading of Skorzeny's memoirs:"Otto Skorzeny: My Commando Operations", a '95 Schiffer republish of the 1975 release (w/ pics and other goodies). I mainly based the mod and scenario on some of the great photos and the chapter on Operation Griffin. The passage resulting in the Panther to Sherman references was thus:

"The high command promised me twenty Sherman tanks for this new Trojan Horse called Greif. I received two, one of which was in working order. As an interim measure we modified twelve of our Panthers to look like Shermans, so that we might perhaps be able to fool the young enemy soldiers from a distance and in conditions of poor visibility."

I'm sure your correct as well, however. I imagine the intent of the Greif commandos was to foster the appearance of 'something Allied'. As in "I'm not sure fellas, but I think it's one of ours!".


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