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Michael Dorosh - a frequent poster to this forum has two very good sites that may help you: Tommy and Canuck. Since he posts here so often you shouldn't have too much trouble tracking down the links in his sig.

The info you are after is on his sites, but you will need to do a little digging and collating. Oh yeah - Commonwealth divisions were all organised alike.



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The British 1st armored fought in Italy until October 1944, with British V Corps, 8th Army. Then its armor brigade, 2nd AB, was renamed the 2nd -independent- armor brigade. The division's artillery was transfer to 8th Army command. The rest of the division was out of action, and was later disbanded, in January 1945. As a division, it did not fight in 1945, so I will confine myself to 1944.

The basic division structure was an armor brigade, a motorized infantry brigade, two artillery battalions, and one battalion each of anti-tank, light AA, armored cars, and engineers.

The 2nd AB consisted of 3 armor battalions - the Queen's Bays, the 9th Queen's Royal Lancers, and the 10th Royal Hussars - plus one motorized infantry battalion, the 1st battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps. The 18th motorized infantry brigade consisted of 3 motorized infantry battalions - 1st battalion of the Buffs, 9th battalion King's Yorkshire Light Infantry, and the 14th battalion, Sherwood Foresters - plus a weapons battalion, 4th battalion of the Essex regiment. The artillery consisted of the 2nd RHA, the 11th RHA (the latter apparently equipped with Priests, US SP 105mm), the 60th anti-tank RA, and the 42nd light AA RA. The armored cars were the 12th Royal Lancers. Plus HQ, signals, supply troops, etc.

So in all the battalion mix was 3 tank and 1 armored car, 4 motorized infantry and 1 infantry heavy weapons, 2 artillery, 1 anti-tank, 1 light AA, 1 engineers. The tank battalions had Shermans; I don't have all the details but have seen that much in histories of some of its actions in Italy.

I hope this helps some.

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From British Forces

Armoured Division Employment platoon, Light Aid Detachment Type 'B' (non-armed) and Armoured Division FS Section

The Headquarters had command of:

Headquarters, Armoured Brigades

Three Armoured Regiments

Three Light Aid Detachments

Motorised Battalion

One Light Aid Detachment Type 'B' (Armed)

Headquarters, Infantry Brigade

Infantry Headquarters Defence Platoon

LAD Type 'A' (non-armed)

Three Infantry Battalions

Armoured Car Reconnaissance Regiment RAC

Light Aid Detachment Type 'C' (RAC)

Headquarters Armoured Division, Royal Artillery

Field Regiment, Self-Propelled

Two Light Aid Detachments Type 'D'

Field Regiment, Towed

Anti-Tank Regiment

(Two Battalions Towed, Two Battalions Self-Propelled)

Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Workshop Type 'A'

Royal Engineers

Two Field Squadrons

Field Park Squadron

Divisional Brigade Troop

Light Aid Detachment Type 'B' (armed)

Armoured Divisional Signals

Light Aid Detachment Type 'B' (armed)

Independent Machine Gun Company

Headquarters Armoured Division, RASC

Armoured Brigade Company

Infantry Brigade Company

Armoured Division Troops Company

Armoured Division Transport Company


Light Field Ambulance

Field Ambulance

Field Dressing Station

Field Hygiene Section


Armoured Brigade Ordnance Company RAOC

Headquarters Armoured Division, REME

Armoured Brigade Workshop

Infantry Brigade Workshop

Armoured Division Provost Company

Armoured Division Postal Unit

Armament and Transport

Total Strength of the division 14,964 officers and man


2,324 Pistols, revolvers

6,689 Rifles

6,204 Carbine Machine Guns

41,376 Bren Light Machine Guns

22 Vickers Mk I Machine Guns

132 2 inch mortars

24 3-inch mortars

4 4.2-inch mortars


87 20mm Eqpts

36 40mm AA Eqpts

18 40mm AP Eqpts

24 25-pounder Field anti-tank guns

24 25-pounder SP Sexton

30 6-pounder anti-tank guns

24 17-pdr anti-tank

24 17-pdr M10 anti-tank

Vehicles and Machines

853 Motorbikes

390 Cars

87 Scout cars

3 Armoured Cars

10 Light Reconnaissance Cars

261 Carriers

36 Ambulances

789 15-cwt trucks

1,309 3-ton lorries

130 Tractors (various)

19 Armoured Command vehicles

14 Armoured Recovery vehicles

366 Tanks

219 Trailers

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