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Tourney Follies

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OK just what the hell happened?!

We were trucking along and Treeburst pulls the plug on all of them.

Without so much as an explaination, c'mon!!

If someplayers are pissing you off "throw them out" but don't punish the rest of us.

As a min I think the "Wild Bill" Tourney should continue. It eliminates the pre-game haggle and the general gameyness of QBs. It puts the player in a realistic sit with realistic troops. And if anybody doesn't think Wild Bill knows more about this than any three people on this forum combined...well speak up now so we can all bathe in your ignorance. The Wild Bill Tourney had the best potential yet and I think throwing it out "with the bath water", no matter who said what to whom, is just plain wrong.

OK so Treeburst has put the ball down. So does that mean no one can pick it up?? Winecape are you still offering the prize?? I think we can get some people together and keep this thing alive. I'll volunteer some of my time to make it happen, anybody else??

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