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Can I save and send VCR playback for each turn?

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If your graphics card has a video as some do (ATI Radeon being one example) you could save the video to your VCR and then reload it to make a Quicktime or Realplayer file to look at. It will show only what you looked at when you initially played it. This is a kludgy and work intensive workaround but it will work.

Could you just save the file just before hitting Go and send him the same file for his computer to process and then watch it together and talk on the phone as it is playing out? I know this will produce somewhat different results, but it would allow you to choose the one you perceive to be the better result :D You would then save the file before giving orders and then email the "correct file" to the other person after making your moves for your units, then repeat the playback procedure. Just an idea.

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