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Stupid Question......

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How in the hell do I get Combat Mission to let me change the ingame resolution setting???


There was a long silence of rememberance for the dead, to which I added these names:

Ernst Neubach, Lensen, Wiener, Wesreidau, Prinz, Solma, Hoth, Olensheim, Sperlovski, Smellens, Dunde, Kellerman, Freivitch, Ballers, Frosch, Woortenbeck, Siemenlies...

I refuse to add Paula to that list, and I shall never forget the names of Hals, or Lindberg, or Pferham, or Wollers. Their memory lves within me.

There is another man, whom I must forget. He was called Guy Sajer.

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"Keep in mind that CM will not run at a higher resolution than your desktop resolution. Fore exapmple, to run CM at 1024x768 your desktop must be set to at least 1024x768."

You may know this, but there is a freeware tool called QRes (for Windows):


It lets you set the screen resolution etc. for a specific shortcut. I use it to run CM at 1280x1024 while my usual resolution is 1152x864.

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