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AI hits his own landmine and other strange things

Guest ciks

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For the start, it was smallest possible QB (300 p) vs. AI defending as Unrestricted force Allies. I was attacking as Axis with 2 stugs, 1 StuH42, Rifle Platoon, 81mm mortar and 251/9 Halftrack.

Firstly, one of mu squads spotted M3 Halftrack (reg) some 250m away. They saw each other for 4 whole turns but no shot was fired... Hmm, okay, after all it is April 45...


I brought up a mortar, to target the Halftrack. Few rounds were fired indirectly killing one of crew members (i heard a scream "my leg"), then directly. After that halftrack reversed and BOOM, run over a mine, which immobilized it, but few seconds later crew abandoned it. Does it happens often? I play CM for some 6 months, but never noticed it.

But the strangest thing was, that AI had only 4 units. That halftrack, M20 Utlility car, 57mm ATG and MMG1919 (all regulars 2 barber wires and 2 minefields). Which means AI spent only half of its points!

Off course that was "total" for me, but the game was ruined frown.gif

Any comments?

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I believe infantry units will only enter a known minefield if they're panicking, i.e. they're no longer controllable. Presumably the same applies to vehicles, i.e. a halftrack that decides to bug out of mortar fire, or a Sherman that starts reversing away from a Tiger, are counted as being "out of control" by the game engine, and so it lets them go into minefields...

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Guest barrold713

The HT driver probably just had a lot of other things on his mind. As the QB was in April 45, perhaps he was focused on how to get to South America, whether to change his name to Raoul or Juan, and other such pressing issues.

The beauty of the AI is that it simulates a units breakdown under stress. Considering that shells are dropping around him it would be very easy to not remember the exact location of a minefield. While a commander would probably know the exact location of a minefield that his units placed, let's suppose that the units you were facing were a recently moved in command and its leader was only generally made aware of the the minefields location.

A subordinate of that leader may only have a fuzzy awareness of the mines and in the stress filled situation you described, it is easy for me to come up with a reasonable scenario where this reaction is perfectly natural and a great indication of the greatness of the AI.

All a matter of how you choose to look at it.

I really hope this allows you to view these things in another light and not ruin your enjoyment of the game. smile.gif



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